– For this word, the “A” turns into a u-schwa, the “cc” combination is pronounced simply like the single hard letter “c” (this is NOT the standard pronunciation of this letter combination in The Common Tongue), the “o” is short, for the “-ish” suffix – the “i” is an i-schwa, and the “sh” combination is un-
voiced (this is the standard pronunciation of this suffix in The Common Tongue), for the “-ment” suffix – the “e” turns into an i-schwa

/uh-KAHM-plihsh-mihn-ts//ə(ʌ).ˈkɑm.plə(ɪ)sh.mə(ɪ)n.ts/ – Notice also that the stress is on the second syllable, and that the “ts” ending acts as a fifth syllable


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