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Having A Good Education About How To Succeed On The TOEFL Exam Is Very Important

Notice!  —  The pronunciation of any word in English (or any language at all) is not Universal.  This is because there are many different dialects of The English Language — both throughout America, and also world-wide.  The pronunciations that are presented on this site are based-upon a combination of both common usage, and the most neutral accent used in The International Common Tongue (which sounds very-much like “American English” but is more “International”).

Pronunciation Of The Word “Education”

Education – For this wordThe “E” is short;  the “d” is pronounced like the soft letter “g” (this is due to the placement of the letter “u” directly after it);  the “u” is pronounced as a true-schwathe “c” is hard;  and for the “-ate” suffixthe “a” is a True Long “A”, and the “t” merges with the “-tion” suffix –;  and for the “-tion” suffix — the “ti” combination is pronounced like the un-voiced “sh” combination, and the “o” is pronounced as an i-schwa (this is the standard pronunciation of this suffix in The Common Tongue).


/eh-dʒə-KAY-shihn//ɛ.dʒə.ˈkeiː.ʃə(ɪ)n/ – Notice also that the stress is on the third syllable

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